A day, a 12 hour flight, a bit longer ... and we are home

We woke up to our final day. We had mixed feelings; happiness at seeing family, friends and the dog, sadness that the trip was over, joy at being able to watch movies again, dread at the long flight ... it was a whole bag of feelings. 
 We got breakfast, packed (what a fun job that is) and then headed to the pool at the hotel. It wasn't the warmest pool, only 26 degrees, so I 'supervised'. Dan and the kids enjoyed it though. Seems it was quite refreshing. I did have a moment of regret when we started walking down the road though. It was hot. 

We decided that even though we couldn't go to Disneyland again we would investigate Downtown Disney. It was filled with shops and food places so we ate a scrumptious Mexican lunch. So good. Asher spotted a Lego store so we headed there for a visit. The creations are amazing. So many bricks used to create incredible things. Check out the dragon and prince!

Being Disney, we also found the Disney castle with all the friends. 

Asher …

Surprise ... it's Universal Studios

We woke on on Universal Studios Day with much excitement. Hannah and Asher had spent some time reading up about all the things that we could do here. They had come up with a list and top of it was seeing the Harry Potter World. 
First, we had to catch an uber to Universal, an hour or so along the freeway. Terrifying stuff. I do not like the freeway. But we made it and found a whole shopping area before we even got to the entrance. It was filled with large signs and flashing neon lights, plus many, many shops that looked enticing. 

We did make it to the entrance. It was hot and we knew it would get hotter. We had our fingers crossed for some shade but it was exciting to stand at the entrance. It was familiar to me, as I had travelled there many years ago. 

We came up with a game plan, there was a few rides and shows we wanted to see. We started with a fun 4D theatre and then headed to a show. This was a show with animal actors. Eeek!

We found it such a great show. The animals were so …