Day 2 ... and the crowds were even bigger

It was somebody's birthday. The photo will give you a clue to who's it was. 

We started the day with another healthy plant-based breakfast. It didn't matter though as there was green tea and an average coffee for Dan.

We headed into the park with the aim of getting Dad photos with as many princesses as possible. Sadly there were already lines (it looked like today was going to be even busier than yesterday) so we headed for some other attractions first.

Buzz Lightyear - so fun, we got to shoot things as we moved around. We did it twice!

The boys did Indiana Jones while the girls sat and people watched. 

Then it was time for some princess. Beauty and the Beast were dancing to the incredibly talented band. 

Thankfully the line was short so we didn't have to wait ages. And Hannah was super excited to discover that it was Elana, her fav princess. 

 Dan didn't seem to mind either.

Next, Cinderella. We all got in on this one.

And last, but not least Arial. Eeek!

We then decided it was time to head over to California Adventure Park. Hannah wanted to take an animated drawing lesson, Asher wanted to do a proper rollercoaster and Dan and I didn't really care what we did. 

 We did find a super mum though on Pixar Pier.

After that, we fast walked back across to Disneyland for the Pixar Parade. It was pretty super and fun. It started with two high school marching bands. Asher is keen to get one started at school. I've never seen so many sousaphones in one place before.

Or flags!

Here are a bunch of photos of some of the things we saw. There were music and characters talking all though it. And the physicality of the dancers and acrobats were amazing. Two girls on the Woody float just swung around and around horizontal poles like Olympic athletes. 

I wonder how many movies you can name in the comment section? I might even find a prize for the most.

We ate a churro and then headed back to California Adventure Park. 

We spent some time exploring. It is a huge park as well, and most of the rides had lines of 60 minutes plus. We started with rides that didn't as well as an area that you could climb things and swing off things (if you were short enough).

We also found a friend or two.

We then headed for Cars Land, and went on a Luigi ride. It was such fun! We had to come back to Cars Land later so we could do the main Lightning Ride. It was soooooo coool.

We managed to catch a sunset. It was stunning.

Then closing time was upon us, so we said farewell to Disneyland.

With a stop for dinner at Denny's on the way home.

The best way to finish any great day is to surprise people with something else. So we did that too.


  1. Monsters University, The Incredibles, Inside Out, Finding Nemo, Bugs Life, Up, Toy Story. Thanks for all your write ups.

  2. LOVE the video Hannah! Your reaction is just so awesome. Hope it exceeded your expectations!!! Can't wait to hear all about it soon! xx

  3. Hi Mrs Spragg,

    Looked like you guys had an amazing time at Disneyland! What was your favorite thing about Disneyland? Hannah reaction was priceless! Bet she had an amazing time at Harry Potter world. Hope you guys had an amazing trip can't wait till you guys back at school next week! :)

    Yaldhurst Model School

  4. Orh, that surprise for Hannah was fab! Love the comment 'wonder if it'll be different ...' you globetrotters you! Man you could put together a travel guide you have SOOOO done the family OE guys! The film parade looked amazing and I totes love the caterpillar from Bugs Life because 'I vont to be a buuteeful batterfly!' too! Great post - thanks for sharing your trip x


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