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Before we left the beautiful city of Florence, we had one more place to visit. The Cathedral of the Basilica. So after packing up our gear, finding a place to leave our bags for the day, we headed through the already hot streets to stand in line. And the line was long, and it wasn't even opening time. 

Once the doors opened the line moved quickly and in no time we were in the Cathedral. We weren't too sure what to expect, but clearly, they had spent most of the money and energy on designing the outside of the building. It was still very large and had some lovely features. The dome was particularly stunning. There was a whole mass happening in one corner, and you couldn't even hear it. Amazing how these old churches were designed to accommodate multiple things happening.


We discovered that the crypt was included in our pass, so we thought we would head down to discover it. Some of us were a bit nervous at first, however, we soon discovered it was filled with archaeological discovery's and we spent a bit of time reading and learning all about it.

We had learnt all about the history of the church and its origins. It was now time to head to the train station to make our way to Roma.

We arrived in Roma to the same heat. We purchased some bus tickets and made our way to our apartment. There may have been a bit of a miss hap with getting in due to some poor connections, but we finally worked it out and got in. We had decided to rest for the rest of the day, so after the boys went hunting and gathering we ate and rested. 


  1. Kia, ora Mrs Spragg
    Wow Mrs Spragg you must be having a great time Rimu class is missing you:)

    1. Kia ora Kade,

      We are having a very good time, so good in fact I am a few days behind on blogging. I'm secretly glad I'm missed, but don't tell. I have seen so many places I would have loved to take you all too.

      What exciting things have you been doing Kade?
      :) Mrs Spragg

  2. Kia Ora Mrs Spragg! we have been missing you alot back here in Rimu and can't wait until your back but we hope your having and AMAZING time! what was your favorite part? how long did it take to get there? it look like you were really tired in one of the photos. this reminded me of when I went to auckland and we couldn't find the place we needed and we found it on the day we were leaving. and also I think the photos were really cool and made this blog really fun to read, Kind Regards Maddison.

    1. Tena koe Maddison,

      It is lovely to hear from you. I"m sorry you are missing me and are looking forward to having me back. It is nice to know I'm missed and I'm sure the time will go quickly and I'll be back before you know it.

      We are having an amazing time. There are so many parts, it is really hard to pick a favourite. I actually don't think I can. I have had tired days though, what an eagle eye you have to spot that. Our feet get sore and it is very hot. 30 degrees and more.

      Isn't it frustrating when you can't find the places you want to when in a new city. We have to spend a lot of time looking at google maps and trying to work things out. I am very glad we have google maps though.

      Keep reading and commenting,
      Mrs Spragg

  3. Hi Mrs Spragg! It's Mia here and it looks like you're having so much fun observing and look at the Cathedral and the beautiful walls. I wished I was there too! but sadly I have to go to school, it's ok though, I like school. What did you think of the Cathedral? Did you learn anything there? (I asked that because you need to learn something! you said it was good for you)

    1. Hi Mia,

      I'm glad to hear you like school. It can be pretty fun when you have a positive attitude, good friends, thinking brain and a kind heart.

      The Cathedral was very beautiful, in fact so many things are very beautiful. Something I learnt in this particular Cathedral was that it was built on top of the remains of older churches. It seemed when things burnt down or fell down they could just build on top. That is how there are layers and layers of remains underneath. Pretty cool eh?!

      What interesting thing did you learn today?

      :) Mrs Spragg

  4. Hi there Mrs Spragg, My name is Abby and I am a year 6 at Yaldhurst Model School, YMS for short.

    I like the way that you included lots of detail all the way through your blog post.

    This blog brought me back to when I was on my crusie, going to lots of diffrent places.

    To improve you could try to remember some of the facts about each of the things in the cathedrel.

    Was it fun? because it looks fun.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Abby,

      Thank you for the very proper comment on my blog. I like that you have followed the instructions for how to write a top notch blog comment, which you clearly have.

      I am trying to write enough to be interesting in my blogs and include photos, but not make it so long that the reader gets bored. I have noted that you would like more facts and am trying to include these in my next blog post.

      I bet you saw many wonderful places on your cruise. It would have been great for you to have been able to blog whilst you were on it, but it is hard to do when there is so much happening.

      It has been very fun. I'm glad the photos show this. I've really only gotten cross a couple of times and I think that had more to do with the heat and tiredness than it being bad.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Mrs Spragg

  5. Hi Mrs Spragg,

    It must be nice to go out of New Zealand for a change. Love the photos you took and looks like you're having lots of fun! This reminds me of my Mum saying I would go to Japan when I turn 11. I'm eleven now... Anyway, what is it like to go out of the counrty for a change? Do you miss us? I know Rimu does, Incuding me. I wish you a happy trip.

    From Mika :)

    1. Hi Mika,

      It sure is nice to be away and exploring new places, though I miss home a little bit. We are having lots of fun.

      Do you think you will get to go to Japan this year now that you are eleven? Wouldn't that be wonderful.

      It can be a bit strange being in a place where english isn't the main language and everything is different. In Rome and France we kept looking the wrong way to cross the street because they drive on the other side of the road.

      Thanks for commenting Mika. It was lovely to hear from you and made me feel close to the class again.
      :) Mrs Spragg

  6. It looks like you having a good time wherever you are the class misses you Miss Spragg. Have fun and keep posting on the blog :)

    1. Hi Layton,

      You have an interesting name for you blogger. Why that name?

      I am having a good time, are you having fun in Christchurch?

      Thank you for commenting,
      Mrs Spragg

  7. Hello Mrs Spragg
    Looks like your having a amazing time without me :(
    Its been 1 month and it feels like a year been haha
    Whats all of you guys favorite place you've been to so far! :)
    Have a awesome time

    Kind Regards Chloe

  8. Hi Mrs Spragg, I miss you A LOTTTTTTTTT PLEASE COMEE BACKKK!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are having a great time wherever you are in what country or city. Hopefully you will have lots of stories when you come back. Kind regards Gracie

  9. Hello Mrs Spragg, Its Julia (Remember me, you WERE my teacher, you left me) It looks like you have been having an awesome time. I enjoyed the part when you were true about your emotions and said that you were a bit nervous but thought that it was actually cool. Do you often think about everyone in Rimu? Next time you could maybe interpret more of what the rest of your family though apart from that awesome post. In Rimu we have been having an awesome time.
    Kind Regards
    Yaldhurst Model School.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi Mrs Spragg , Bridget here, It looks like you have been having a lot of fun. I hope you come back soon I miss you. I like the part where you have sheared your emostions. Did you think about shearing some facts you learnt.
    Yours Sencerly Bridget.

  12. I mrs spragg it´s Liam here I really hope that you are having a great time on your holiday. It looks really really fun and I hope that hannah and ash are having a great time on our holiday. But I hope that you have a great time in Roma.

  13. Kia ora mrs spragg. Wow it must be a adventure so far mrs spragg. it must be so hot standing in a line on a hot day.
    That looks so fun to be in and learn about all that old things.
    Wow thats so cool can you tell us all about it when you get back
    Have some safe traviles mrss spragg
    yours sincerely Toby D

  14. kia ora mrs spragg it's me corbin it is great to see you having a great time on your holiday.this remiands me of when my dad went to england. me and the class all want to know more about how your holiday and we are wondering when you next post? bye for now corbin:)

  15. Hi Mrs Spragg it's Rhys
    I hope you are having the best time of your life
    I also hope Hannah and Asher are having a good time
    and do you book hotels with pools so when your hot you can just run outside and jump in the pool?

    kind regards


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