What's the time ... Greenwich?

(Found this sign on our walk from the apartment to main Greenwich)

Sunday started slow. Sunday trading hours = 12noon. I think this is brilliant, Vikki not so much. It did mean we could walk into Greenwich to explore, before a boat ride.

(The Queen's Palace)

(The Queen's Palace and city in the background)

Once we arrived and said farewell to our hosts we headed through the park and up the hill to the Royal Observatory.

(The Greenwich Meridian - this is where latitude begins)

(Timeball - drops at 1pm every day)

(An amazing camera meant we could see down the hill to this spot. Made ages ago before cell phones began)

 (Big telescope)

Down the hill and back to explore the market and eat the most amazing vegan food. We all got something different and it was so yum. If only our tummies could hold more food.

Time for a boat ride, up the Thames and into the city.

(Hannah was tired, so had a nap)

Our next port of call was booking the Shard and a dinner with Viks and Matt. (We walked a bit in between and found Kings Cross Station). They have found the most amazing veggie/vegan places. This was outstanding. Check out Dan's 'Green Dragon' and the totally vegan desserts.

(Platform 9 & 3/4 is in there - but the line was huge)

(Cool fountain, near cool pub. Yes, Hannah played in it)

The Shard.

This is a very, very tall building in the middle of London. It is built to look like large shards of glass, thus the name. In fact, it is the highest in Europe. So we, of course, went up it - for free - thanks to the purchase of our London Passes.

The elevators were fast, there were two. And it was pretty high. Made you feel a bit weird looking down. Lots of people and it was a bit hard to get good photos. A nice man who worked there tried to take a family photo. It isn't the best.


  1. Sooooo glad you did the Greenwich Obs - how much history can you absorb!!! Loving the RUFUS leap :) Believe my GMT leap looks similar! What amazing memories Team Spragg :) Enjoy Paris and all that it has to offer x Was going to recommend a 'Croque Monsieur' sarnie from a wee cafe just outside the Louvre - durh - got ham in it! Sure you'll love the patisseries and yummy food x

  2. I love Greenwich and the boat ride...so interesting!! Did you see the Trinity College of Music? Or is it the Royal College of Music there? Enjoy Montmarte...one of my favourite places in Paris! xx


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