A museum and a church or two

An earlier start today as we wanted to try and get to the Louvre before the crowds. We still managed to see some crowds. We are becoming pros at the this so whilst we stood in line, Dan went to investigate if we were in the right place. Pleasantly we weren't and we were able to move to the fast queue and got in very quickly.

Many people come to this museum for one reason so we thought it wise to dash to see this 'famous painting' before it got super crazy, but we clearly weren't fast enough.

Ah well, there was plenty of other amazing things to see. Like the incredible ceilings (the Louvre is actually in the old palace) statues, jewellery, ancient things ...

It was now lunchtime and we had only seen a small portion of everything, but it was time to go find some food and start our discovery's of some old churches. So we headed out through the lobby and the mall that exists under the ground. An extreme version of 'exit through the gift shop'.

Lunch found we headed to our first church Saint Chappelle, a recommendation from my parents. And we weren't disappointed. It was breathtaking. Photos don't do it justice. You have to see it.

Following the crowds we headed for Notre Dame, Hannah singing Disney songs the whole way. Would we see the hunchback?

By then we were done. Our feet hurt, we had walked for miles and we had been on the go for many, many days. Time to head back to get dinner and have an early night.

Food in Paris isn't cheap, however, it is delicious. Tonight it was pizza. Asher ate a lot. No surprise there though.


  1. :) Ok, so who shouted 'Esmerelda' first? Mona Lisa's small isn't she but very cool - bet Hannah loved the Degar collection x loving the posts guys x bon nuit x

    1. No one, and I think we missed Degar. There is just so much! Gaah! Mona was small and we couldn't get close enough to really do it justice. It is funny because on the opposite wall is this HUGE painting and yet no one is really interested. I did over hear one lady talking about lemmings and the Emperors New Clothes, one does wonder if she had a point.

  2. hey miss spragg i miss you :( did you see the mona lisa miss you lots it is great around here and we all miss you and so does miss taylor


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