We actually waited longer than Windsor but there was an incredible garden

"Let them eat cake" - Marie Antonette

The Treaty of Versailles

These are two things that might come to mind when you hear of Versailles. Sadly neither were mentioned in our tour, but back to the beginning.


This was a MUST DO for me. The rest of the family didn't really know much, but I had seen pictures and heard about it. Plus who doesn't want to visit a massive palace in the country?! To get to this palace we had to catch a train. This wasn't too complicated (remember we are now tube/metro experts thanks to our London training). We can read entry and exit in French and as long as you match the words for where you want to go it is a piece of cake (why so much cake already?).

Having arrived we battled the wasps (they are everywhere, odious things) and strolled a short way before the 'Chateau' was before us. Magnificient with its gold roof and gates sparkling in the mid-morning sun. It took the breath away. The closer we got the more regal and large it grew, as did the rows of people waiting. It seemed we weren't the only ones wanting to view this magnificent palace.

For two and a half hours we meandered up and down the cobbled courtyard. Sensibly we had all brought hats, sunscreen and water but it was still hot. 31 degrees hot. Though I imagine the poor army men with their big packs and guns were much hotter than us. There was a large fire-type hose out with a few holes in it that allowed for some cool water, which Hannah and I took advantage of it a few times. 

Eventually, we were through, and our dreams of lunch on the lawn were crushed when we discovered that you had to go through the apartments first, then the garden, as once in the garden you would have to line up again. And no one was keen to do that. 

The Hall of Mirrors

The place was h u g e. We only saw some of it, because not all of it was open to the public. But the art and detail were incredible. Our only touch of disappointment was that it wasn't as well kept as other palaces have been. It is well worth a visit.

By this stage, we were all a little starving so we headed outside into the sun to find a spot to eat. We had a lovely little bit of grass and shade until a filthy wasp made as all runaway. 

The garden is even more magnificent than the palace. It goes on forever and has all these different parts and areas. There are fountains and statues and beautiful topiaries everywhere you turn. And yes wasps. They are everywhere. Probably looking for cake.

We could have spent many more hours wandering, however, our feet wouldn't allow us anymore. Back to the train and to our hotel before another delicious dinner at our local corner. Indian tonight. Our last night in Paris. It has been merveilleux. 


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