Our first real lines.


We left early to try and get in before the lines. Fail. They were big. We probably waited for an hour. It is very impressive. Large and gothic in style. The inside is full of dead people. Lots of plaques and tombs/sarcophagus, The architecture is pretty amazing though. And we are convinced that the outdoor bit with the grass is in the Harry Potter movies. Once again we are wordless at the fact that parts of it are ancient. Check out the painting below. Original 10something something AD.

Fact learnt from Rev. Dan Spragg: The Westminster Confession was signed here. It was set up by the Church of England and Church of Scotland. It is considered the second most important document after the Bible. Apparently. (Dan had to sign it when he became a Rev. )


This was even more beautiful that Westminster Abby. The architecture is amazing. The beams in the middle are ancient too. It really does blow the mind. (Thanks to Paul for the recommendation)

Churchill War Rooms.

Another line. 1.5 hours this time. Hannah and I decided to stroll in St James Park and left the boys to the standing. 

(Pelicans are the big white birds in the background)

We did get to experience thunder and torrential rain. The boys got soaked out in the line. Oops!

Finally, we got to go in. What an incredible place. There was so much information but the incredible part is walking where they actually walked and worked. Our steps followed Churchill's. History was right where we were.

(His bedroom, though he only slept in that bed 3 times)

Back outside. A quick pop to the park to see our friend George. Then we headed to meet Viks and Matt for a lovely Italian dinner. Found another old building. Got excited 'cause I thought it was Buckingham Palace, but nope. Did find Captain Cook though (photo not included).

P.S. You may have noticed that Asher and Dan keep making weird faces in all our photos. They seem to have decided to do this for as many photos as possible. Sigh. 


  1. When you get back (sorry, it will happen!) You will be able to look back on these posts and enjoy History again! Lovin the RUFUS leap Shazz x ENJOY!

  2. Oh the memories! I'm sure you'll be making a few weekend trips back to London once you're in Wales...so much to see!! Have fun on the mainland in the next couple of weeks!! xx Oh and that is a might good jump shot Shazz...keep it up! ;)


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