A wet but wicked day.

Rain. It seems that it actually can be grey and wet here. Asher is relieved. 

Tower Bridge.

Engines. Steam. Pistons. Large spanners. Luap would have been in his element if he was with us. Some of it reminded me of my Granddad, not sure why. Maybe the smell and the green.

Up the bridge to stand in a line in the rain. Snack time! Then in and up we go.

Glass floor. Kinda freaky, but we were a little bit brave.

HMS Belfast. 

A retired Navy ship that fought in WW2 until the 1970's. Now a museum, we walked around and saw what life would have been like on this fighting ship. Up and down, in and out. (Ladders aren't easy with bags and jackets). We lost Asher. He wanted to read and explore every inch.

Perfect timing. Tower Bridge goes up. Big ship goes through. Tower Bridge goes down.

Thanks HMS Belfast.

Onwards. Bit of a walk. Found another boat. A prison. Really old ruins. Some art. All in 10 minutes. 

The Globe Theatre.
Highlight of the day. Tour guide was excellent. Really interesting to hear the history of the Globe. Fact: It is the 3rd Globe Theatre.

But the really incredible part was that they were running a dress rehearsal of a new play called Emelia. Written about the woman that was the 'dark-haired lady' that inspired William Shakespeare's sonnets. All women cast, woman director and woman writer. The 20 minutes or so we saw was so compelling. We could have sat and watched the whole play. 

Onwards for dinner and the Theatre. Victoria Station was our meeting point. Huge. Just huge.

Theatre at the Apollo. We saw Wicked. Hannah L O V E S it. Dan's first time and he enjoyed it. We were one row from the highest you can go, but it was still amazing. 

What a W I C K E D day.


  1. Loving the adventures Spragglets - love that I know what you're talking about! My lovely step-dad served on the HMS Belfast and got his medals for service on her in WWII - great to see your pics x Jacob saw Wicked at the Apollo before we left with his Gramms and he bought a wee green monkey after the show as a memory! The last time I was in London we hoteled right next to Tower Bridge and watched 'The Mummy 2' London Bridge scene being filmed with Brendon Frasier and Rachel Weisz - so exciting and vibrant! Fab times ahead guys x ENJOY! x

    1. Wow, knowing about your step-dad makes it seem even more real. And I can imagine it was super exciting to see a movie being filmed. We had a wee giggle in St Paul's when we were told we could take a photo in one bit because a movie had been filmed there and so it wasn't so 'sacred'. xo

  2. I am loving your posts. Please don't stop sharing.

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying them. It is fun writing them. :)


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