A few hours late ... Day 2 of our adventure

Whoops, we sorta slept in this morning so I didn't have time to write about the day before. But here it is.

St Paul's Cathedral.

Sunshine. Tube. Big, beautiful building. Squirrels. 4/5 coffee for Dan.

That pretty much sums up the start of our day, before we even got into the church. Asher took all the photos on his fancy pancy camera, so sadly I only have these few to share. 

The Cathedral is amazing. I mean, check out that staircase. Built in ages and ages ago (16th Century I think), with some updates by Queen Victoria and her gang plus a minor adjustment or two after WW2. It is honestly one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen. We were in awe. 

Couple of things to note: If you are an architect and the 'building committee' don't like your design, get them to put a clause in that allows you to make 'minor changes' and then just build what you wanted to in the first place. Christopher Wren knew how to work a system.

Second note: When your tour guide makes jokes about how he is known for his poor timekeeping, swap to another group.

Third note: being high up and still being a little jetlagged isn't a great combination.

I would love to show you some photos of the dome, the ceilings, the alter, the whispering balcony but sadly no photos are allowed inside. So you'll all just have to come to see it one day.

Lunch in the grounds. 

(I have no idea)

London Museum.

London Nights photography exhibition. Incredible photography of London at night taken by a range of people over 60 or so years. 

And then London, from the monolithic age to today. 

Unfortunately, we were all a bit 'done in' as the English might say, so we didn't read a lot. It was interesting though. 100 Years of Women having the vote (it was after WW1 - just not as progressive as us NZers). The Great Fire - 5 days of burning, crazy. Many Kings and Queens and religious changes. It is really incredible the age of the city.


Vikki suggested a place called Home Slice. The walk there was like out of a movie. Seven Dials Rd, actually is that - 7 roads coming together with a large 'sundial' in the middle. And the lane the restaurant was on, was just adorable. 10 minutes wait - totally worth it. Wait to you see the picture of the pizza.


You can't come to London and not go to the theatre, so we did. Longest running play in the history of stuff like that. 'The Mousetrap' by Agatha Christie. So good. Hannah's first play too. Can't tell you the ending though. (I called it before Asher, yes!)

 Home to bed. 


  1. Hehe x It's your BLOG - you put what you want on it when you want - we'll love it no matter when! Loving your perspective on the timelessness of my old place and your lovely take on cramming SOOOOOOO much in - memories being made x ka pai and keep it up! Mousetrap's clever isn't it!!! Good choice team :) Enjoy x

  2. Looks so warm and lovely over there! Hope you make it to Borough Market in the next couple of days...and Camden Market at some point - such amazing places! Never heard of The Mousetrap - have to put it on the list! Keep up the adventuring Team Spragg! xx

    1. It is warm, though we had rain yesterday. There is soooo much here, we just aren't going to get everything in. You might enjoy The Mousetrap. It would have been fun to have you with us, though I'm sure you would be cramming in twice as much with your fast walking. :)xo

  3. Wow! You folks have hit your stride quickly. My daughter works five minutes walk from St Pauls - I still managed to get lost finding her but it is an amazing area. Well done with navigating the Tube. 'Mind the Gap'. I am looking forward to following your adventures.


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