Windsor Castle on a Saturday

Saturday had a bit of a slow start. Matt and Vikki were keen to come to Windsor with us, so we headed for the train. Matt had never been (and yes, he is a Brit).

Arrived to find most of London and the world had decided to visit. Vikki guessed it would be 2 hours in line. Sigh! The boys went to get lunch and we waited in line. Luckily there were seats and the sun disappeared behind some clouds. We did get to have a look at the town as we moved up. It was very quaint and English.

Finally, we were able to get in. We did still have to line up for our tickets and to go through security but there were some lovely photos of the Royal Family to look at as we moved through.

(Look at the cuties!)

Windsor Castle, in all its glory, was now open for us to explore.

Windsor Castle is beautiful and interesting. There is so much history. The art and tapestries are old and incredible. I had a few freak out moments when I was staring at genuine Reubens, Van Dyk and Rembrandt paintings. 

There are a number of different areas inside it. It has St George's Chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan got married. There are staterooms and the resident's areas (which you can't go into). They had a fire in 1992 (I think) and it meant some remodelling. Prince Phillip had some suggestions to help flow. Go, Prince Phillip!

After the long, but satisfying day we headed back into town where our lovely hosts had booked dinner at a restaurant. Vikki has scouted out all the best places that serve Vegan (plant-based) and we are enjoying the delicious food. Tonight was Thai Fusion with the Tower Bridge in the background. Yum!


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