Long Live the Queen!

Our final day in London. We are all very glad we are coming back because we love it. To finish up our 'Grand Tour' we headed to the one and only Buckingham Palace. We weren't allowed to take photos inside but I can tell you that it was beautiful. The rooms are filled with stunning pieces of art and very old things. The statue of Venus and Mars was beyond words. We loved every moment of treading those beautiful halls. 

What a way to end our tour of London.

After trying to pack all the things we need for three weeks into our backpacks we headed to the tube to make our way to the Eurostar. 

It was a long time cueing. The border wasn't very efficient and we did a lot of waiting. But finally, we were on and off at 284km. Incredible speed. The English countryside was just as you expect, green and rolling. The French countryside was much the same too.

We arrived in Paris, France. Hopped off the train. Found our drive and speed through the streets to our hotel, where we were all thrilled to be. 

We are on the top floor and have a view of Sacré-Cœur (through small windows). Dan and Asher keep banging their heads on the beams. But the room is more than big enough for us all and the bathroom is sufficient. Tomorrow we explore.


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