Paris ... the city of ... trees

What better way to start our exploration of Paris than by a bus trip. 

After sitting for a while we thought it was time for a walk. 

The Louvre 

The palace that was too small for the king (photos are of the whole thing)

The bridge with all the padlocks (that doesn't have them anymore because it got too heavy). Apparently, if you put your initials on a lock and put it on the bridge you will be together forever. We decided 16 years of marriage meant we didn't need a padlock.

After seeing so many sites, and discovering that Paris is much smaller than London, we decided to start with the Arc de Triomphe (and lunch at McDonalds).

A stroll under the Eiffel Tower - it is actually amazing - then time for a cruise down the Seine. 

We discovered a bunch of restaurants and cafe's on the corner by our hotel. We had the most amazing dinner. How yum does it look?


  1. Wow!! That looks incredible!! I’m loving your blog, you are showing me all the things and places I need to see and visit one day!!! Keep is up team Spragg!!!

    1. Thanks Lucy! You should totally visit one day. I don't think it matters how old or young you are. It will change your world anyway. Glad you are enjoying them.

  2. Quelle ville merveilleuse. J'espere que tu trouve une surprise a chaque coin de rue.

    1. Ummm ... yep.

      Thanks for the comment. In response - we sure did. It was a very beautiful and surprising city. (Google is my friend).


  3. Absolument merveilleux! Totes fab team x the Louvre pyramid was constructed after our visit but would love to see it! You are really looking like a famile on their jollies now x prendre plaisir


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