A shocking time at the Ponty Museum and Hannah is a Girl Guide.

As our time was nearing the end we thought we should pop into the Ponty Museum. We wandered down the hill and through town to get to the large stone building that used to be a church. 

There was a school group in the downstairs part, so we started upstairs, in what used to be the balcony seating.

We read about the railway station, the longest in Wales and possibly the UK. 

We were all excited to show Dan this photo. He L O V E S a  good organ. 

Ponty used to have shipbuilding and so this was the first piece of chain made and used on a ship. I think. Ask Asher, he'll remember.

The ceiling of the building was lovely.

Look, Margaret, I found some quoits! 

And being Wales, there was a model of a male Welsh choir. 

The class left the downstairs so we headed down to explore. It was all about electricity. We found it to be very illuminating but not too shocking (see what I did there). 

Asher tried out a tens machine.

Hannah tried to solve a circuit problem.

It was pretty fun trying out all the electricity things.

That evening Hannah had guides, and it was a special evening for her and a few other guides. They were being sworn in as guides. We were invited and we couldn't wait to watch.

It was pretty cool and she got a badge. She had made some friends and they were so kind and supportive of her. They had dinner a couple of times together which was pretty cool. Well done Hannah, we were so proud of you.


  1. Haha, I thought of Magz and the Quoits debacle on Friday at Athletics! Have you managed to hear a Welsh Voice Choir at all? (Not seen any pics that I recall) so the model one may have to do! What a fab memory Hannah, joining the guides in the UK - I was a tawny owl I believe. Can't wait to see the badge and hear about the unit :) Saw what you did there Shazz ;) x Enjoy x

    1. Unfortunately we didn't manage a choir in person, however at the Ladies Guild Welsh celebration they played a CD of one and then all joined in singing so that was close enough.

      I always think about Magz and Quoits whenever we plan stuff like that. Hope Athletics went well. Hannah is so sad to have missed high jump lol.


  2. Quoits! I was ambivalent about Wales up to this point, but you have instantly sold me on the place :-) Any place that puts quoits in a display cabinet is a pretty special place.

    1. There was also a photo of a whole quoits team. Maybe you could join?!


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