A day, a 12 hour flight, a bit longer ... and we are home

We woke up to our final day. We had mixed feelings; happiness at seeing family, friends and the dog, sadness that the trip was over, joy at being able to watch movies again, dread at the long flight ... it was a whole bag of feelings. 

 We got breakfast, packed (what a fun job that is) and then headed to the pool at the hotel. It wasn't the warmest pool, only 26 degrees, so I 'supervised'. Dan and the kids enjoyed it though. Seems it was quite refreshing. I did have a moment of regret when we started walking down the road though. It was hot. 

We decided that even though we couldn't go to Disneyland again we would investigate Downtown Disney. It was filled with shops and food places so we ate a scrumptious Mexican lunch. So good. Asher spotted a Lego store so we headed there for a visit. The creations are amazing. So many bricks used to create incredible things. Check out the dragon and prince!

Being Disney, we also found the Disney castle with all the friends. 

Asher got a cuddle from Hulk.

Hannah joined Beauty and the Beast in a dance.

There was also a Toy Story one, but everyone was over Mum saying go stand for a photo. Boooo!

I did manage to get them to sit by all the pumpkins. They were real!

Found an ice cream place that vegan ice cream. It was totally amaze balls! I want more. I think it was a famous place because the line was always long and people kept exclaiming when they saw it. It was called Salt & Straw.

We managed to kill about 5 hours so we headed back to the hotel to pick up our bags. Seems there was a few when we counted them all. 

We had to wait about half an hour for our shuttle but it didn't matter because there was a pretty sunset.

Finally, we made it to the airport and through security (what a drama - Dan had to leave his drink bottle behind because it had a mouthful of water or else go back through the airport and outside to empty it. Seriously! And no, there wasn't any lovely disposal bins like every other airport we've been to has). 

Soon we were all on and ready for 12 hours of sleeping/watching movies. 

We all did sleep. Hannah wins the prize for 6 hours. The rest of us got around 5. Our plane was a little late arriving but soon we were walking onto NZ soil.

A slight delay with our next flight home but then we were off to Christchurch. 

And then we were home. Greeted by some of our lovely family with hugs and cuddles. Asher managed to have a couple of good mates meet him too. That was pretty great for him. And then there was this cutie! Who has grown so much in 3 months. It was good to be back.


What an adventure.


  1. Haere mai :) Who doesn't love LEGO! So glad that this trip was so much more than you could have expected and thank you so much for sharing the journey so well with us all - Ka pai!


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