The Mumbles ... prepare for some glorious scenery

Finally, the day was beautiful and we had some spare time to drive to Swansea and 'The Mumbles'. The Mumbles & the Gower Peninsula is an area along the coast and it is very beautiful. 

Our first stop was Bracelet Bay. 

It was magnificent. It was also filled with some incredible rock pools so we spent some time looking, watching, exploring, resting ... there is something pretty life-giving about the sea on a sunny day.

We headed further around the coast looking for a beach that had some sand for Hannah to paddle in. After a wrong turn down a narrow street that was a dead end (Dan did some magnificent backing up a hill) we found this beach. It is Caswell Bay, and it was lovely. One local told us it was very busy ... there were probably around 40 people there. 

We also found a digger. This was quite a big deal because our delightful niece was about to have her 2nd birthday and it was digger/unicorn themed. No unicorns were seen driving it but we did get to see it go. 

An epic tournament of naughts and crosses also happened. Hannah bet me and then Dan tried to beat her. They clearly think like one another because it was deadlocked. Asher was off taking photos so did not participate. 

By this time we were all hungry, sunshine and walking does that to a person. So we headed back into the Mumbles area to a place near Oystermouth that had delicious plant-based food. We did have to walk along the prominade to get there. It was pretty glorious. It looks directly towards Swansea, but the town reminded us of St Heliers or Akaroa on steroids. You could easily imagine living there. 


  1. Aaahhhhh x what fabulous photo's team, love the 'Do like to be beside the seaside' feel and boy do you all look great! Love the Little Yellow Digger x


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