The Happiest Place on Earth ... Day 1

Yes! Excitement was in the air. We were going to DISNEYLAND today. 

But first, we had to have breakfast. Of course, the cafe that was recommended by the hotel had NO options for us. We had to compromise. It is America. Sigh.

Our first job was to take a number of selfies as we entered the park.


Now, today was Halloween. This is a really big deal. So big in fact that Disneyland had a special Micky Mouse Party that evening that you had to buy special tickets too. All the characters were dressed up in Halloween costumes and there were Halloween decorations everywhere. It was pretty cool. But it also meant it was going to be busy.

Zombie Pluto

Main Street Disney.

A nice Australian family took this of us at our first stop, Tomorrowland. We were looking forward to seeing some Star Wars stuff. This was Hannah's top choice from what she'd read and heard about Disneyland. Thankfully the lines were still short at this stage.

Disneyland is working on a whole special Star Wars area. So to get people excited there is a kind of museum of all this Star Wars stuff. We had a good look around and got a photo with Chewie.

Asher and I were keen to give Space Mountain ago. Dan volunteered to sit with Hannah, who isn't so keen on roller coaster type rides.

It was totally awesome. 

Next up a car ride, where Hannah drove me. Eeek!

After this we just wandered around, aiming to go on rides that we all would enjoy and that didn't have massive lines. We had two days so we weren't too stressed about it all. Here are a bunch of photos of our time.

Steamboat on the 'Mississippi'

Hannah had a special food that was from Princess and the Frog

Dan and Asher did Splash Mountain. They were wet all day.

Lunch was lunch and a show.

Peter Pan ride below.

We took one final train ride before we headed out of the park, as it was almost closing time. 

But it was ok, as we had California Adventure Park to see and it was open till 8pm and had a parade at 7:45pm. 

Our first stop was visiting our good friends Anna and Elsa. They were very friendly and asked if Olaf could come to New Zealand with us for the summer, because he loves it so much.

We also went and listened to the sounds of screams coming from the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. It was its last day, as they are building a massive marvel area. 

We ate dinner (Plant based!) and then went and found a spot to sit and watch the Parade. 

It. Was. Cool. As. 

It had been a fantastic first day. 


  1. Just wow guys! My Dan is so jealous that you got to get a pic with Chewwie! And me of you with Tigger! 'Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!' The parade pics look fabulous and again you have captured some awesome team Spragg pics :) Great post x


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