Addio Roma

Packing up and trying to work out what to do with our gear is never that fun, however, our kind Air BnB host had allowed us to leave our bags in the apartment till we left at 4pm. This meant we could still tick off a couple of destinations without carrying 10kg or so on our backs. 

Today's destinations were the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. The bus ride was easy and the walk through the little Italian streets made it quite delightful. You can always tell you are getting close though by the increase in tourists. And then we were there. 

The large fountain towering over us with ...

no water. 


Isn't it a fountain. 

Turns out the thing is being cleaned, so instead we got to see men giving it a bit of a water blast. Fun. 

We did some googling and found out that it is the end of an aqueduct, the only one left functioning after the Barbarians destroyed the rest. (Barbarians!) It used to be in a slightly different place in the plaza but someone moved it. Feel free to do some googling yourself if you want to find out more.

Here we are looking though.

Ah well, onto the Spanish Steps (called this because the Spanish Embassy is near it). Surely the steps will be 'working'.

And yes they were. 

(And looking at these pictures I've realised Dan and I were matchy matchy and Hannah is a bit too. 
Grey t-shirts, clearly the choice of the day.)

No, we didn't walk all the way to the top. It was hot and there were lots of steps. 
I hate steps.

We were pretty done by this stage. 3.5 weeks of 'touristing' is hard work. 

Heading back to find some lunch we came across a Lego store and went in to play. It was pretty fun. Asher was excited because he got to write REECE (a youth group joke) in Lego. Hannah and I did some creating too.

Dan finally got a coffee and it was good.

On our way to find the bus, we came across another 'destination' - Alexandar's tomb - but we just played in the water outside.

Another old church.

Some more ruins that house a special Cat Sanctuary. 

Apparently, the cats are considered holy and so they look after them. The sanctuary is right next to the ruins of an old temple and you can go visit the cats. Hannah was keen too so she headed down. Very quickly she was patting a few sleepy cats and we went down too. 

It was a pretty special smell. 

Many cats in one place. Lots of litter. You get the picture. 

After deciding to not 'sponsor a cat' (yes, you could sponsor a cat, like sponsoring a World Vision child, guess litter and food costs ... ) we headed to the airport.

Side note: The drive in the taxi was scary. He drove fast and didn't really chose a lane, whilst complaining to Dan about the "Crazy driver who weaves in and out of traffic!". Yeah, 'cause he wasn't doing that. at. all.

We had a few hours to kill so we found a comfy spot near food and charging stations and utilised the free wifi and sunshine coming in the roof. It was the most modern building we had seen in all of Italy and it was really sunny and light.

There was a bit of delay on take off, something to do with the French. The pilot was about to let us go check out the cockpit to keep us all entertained for a possible hour delay when we were given the green light. Whew, it would have been 2am by the time we got back to Matt and Vicki's place if that had happened. 

Thanks, British Airways. 

Addio Rome.


  1. Kia Ora Mrs Spragg, I think that you guys have been having a pretty interesting & awesome time. I really liked the part about the 'crazy taxi driver', it made me think of the part in 'Refugee' where Mahmoud's family takes a taxi, Mahmoud falls asleep and wake up to a pistol facing him. Also the Cat Sanctuary part, I thought it was cool that you went there. I hope you are still enjoying your time and your 'touristing' and apart from that... Awesome post.

    Kind Regards
    Yaldhurst Model School

    1. Hi Julia,
      It is pretty interesting and awesome. The driver was crazy but luckily we didn't wake up to a gun. We haven't got to that bit yet in the book. Sounds intense. I am reading Refugee to Asher and Hannah on our school days. We are really enjoying it.

      Thanks for commenting.
      Mrs S

  2. Hello Mrs Spragg I see that you've been having funnyest part the that's happened that iv'e seen is that the crazy taxi driver how long did the flight take?
    i hope you've been having fun see ya later.

    1. Hi Louis,

      It was pretty funny. The driving is a bit crazier in Italy than in New Zealand.

      The flight was about 2 hours, not very long. But it took us an hour to get from the airport to the apartment.

      :) Mrs S

  3. Hey there Mrs Spragg, It's me Parwin!
    From reading your post, it looks like you have had an exciting and amazing trip so far. It was cool how you added the part "crazy Taxi driver because it reminds me of the book Refugee when Mahmud's family had a pistol aimed at them. The statues look really cool in photo but better in real life! All the photos that you've taken so far with all the statues and paintings looks really interesting! What was your favourite part of the trip so far?

    Looking forward to your next posts,

    1. Hi Parwin,

      It has been exciting and amazing. We are seeing lots of wonderful places. And you are right, the paintings and statues are so much better in real life.

      I look forward to reading that bit in Refugee, I am reading it to Asher and Hannah. Maybe they will think the same thing.

      I don't know what my favourite has been; The David was incredible and seeing some very famous artists and their artwork has made me want to own more art. Sadly it is always so expensive. I've mostly loved exploring new places and seeing all the treasures they have to offer. It makes you realise how big and old the world is.

      Thanks for commenting,
      Mrs Spragg

  4. Hi Mrs Spragg! It's Mia here, it looks like so much fun going around the world. Remember how you said there was lot's of cats, I think I would avoid it because I'm allergic to cats. If I were there I would probably be sneezing like crazy, or I would be running away from them (I'm not really a fan). There's this picture that looks like everybody's really tired. Didn't have your morning coffee? Where are you heading to next?

    Rimu is missing you

    1. Hi Mia,

      You would have most definitely have been sneezing if you had gone into the cat sanctuary. It made me sneeze and I'm only a little bit sneezy around some cats (not my own).

      It was very hot in Rome and so walking around makes you tired. Coffee or no coffee.

      Our next stop is the British Museum and the Harry Potter Tour. I hope you enjoy reading about those.
      :) Mrs Spragg

  5. Hi Mrs Spragg,

    Amazing post! Looks like you guys are having an awesome time on your trip. That sucks that the fountain was getting cleaned I bet it would of been amazing if it had been going. How long was your flight delayed? Awesome post next maybe try something different to present your post, otherwise awesome post looking forward to reading more of them.

    Yaldhurst Model School

    1. Hi Bree,

      It was disappointing about the fountain. I think they have been working on getting it cleaned for a few years now. I think things move slowly in Rome.

      Our flight was delayed by about 45 minutes I think. Not to long in the end.

      What do you suggest I try for a new kind of post?

      :) Mrs Spragg

  6. kia ora mrs spragg it sounds like those bags were hevey it must be all that stuff that you are getting on your trip back here we are training little children different sports for athletics day I am teaching discus and some children are a bit to over confident so hoe\w are thing in europe why don't you come and check out my blog

    kind regards Corbin

    1. Hi Corbin,

      Yes, the bags seem to get heavier as we travel. I think we might have to get another suitcase to come home.

      That sounds great about training for athletic sports. Teaching discuss to children isn't easy. Good on you for doing, what I'm sure is a great job.

      I will make some time to check out your blog.
      :) Mrs Spragg

  7. HI mrs spragg It Hunter I saw that you are in Addio Rome by the photo.
    It look like your having a good time travelling around the world.
    I hope you are having a good time travelling around the world.

    1. Hi Hunter,

      Addio means farewell/good bye in Italian. We did have a great time in Rome and I am so glad you can tell from my photos.

      I hope you enjoy reading my next few posts about our next adventures.

      :) Mrs S

  8. Kia ora Mrs Spragg.
    The part that stood out was when you said. we left at four pm to get on our plane. You brought me back to when I was oversiaze mum and dad were saying where do we put all of our stuff. Great work on trying all of these things I am so happy for you. Keep having fun and I will see you when you get back. Im missing you so so much.

    1. Kia ora Zack,

      I love getting messages from you on my blog. It is lovely to know other people are reading them.

      It is hard to solve the problem of 'what to do with the bags'. Luckily it seems lots of places have ways of storing bags so that you can keep sightseeing.

      What sort of things have you been up to at school? It isn't to long till I get back now ... it will be great to see you and all the class.
      :) Mrs S

  9. Hi Mrs Spragg,
    it's Rhys
    looks awesome and fun sad that the waterfall wasn't working
    Hope you are having a good time
    everybody misses you
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Rhys,

      It was a bit sad. Maybe one day I'll get to go back and see it working again. Maybe you will too one day.

      We are having a real adventure but sometimes I miss the class too. But don't tell anyone.

      :) Mrs S

  10. Hi Mrs SPragg.
    its Rihanna.
    looks like your having a great day. this looks amazing! i would love to see more photos of your atverntcher. we all love seeing what your up to.
    hows it going there. waht are you having for dinner?

    kind regards
    Rihanna oh and nurrrrrrrrra and nue nue

    1. Hi Rihanna (and friends),

      We are having a great time on our big adventure. There is so much to see and do.

      Dinner is always something different, though I've eaten a lot of pasta.

      :) Mrs Spragg

  11. Aha! Wondered where the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps were! We were a little taken aback with how the fountain is kinda in the middle of a shopping square with wee churches crammed in and I recall a Benetton shop 20 feet behind us! Did you scoot to the Pantheon at all? (Have I missed this? Incredible place) And the Santa Scala, near Archbasilica of St. John in Laterano (?) The Holy Steps where you are expected to kneel on the each step ascending to the relics of the cross at the top - believed to be the staircase that Jesus walked up and down on the day of his 'trial' and death! Ahhh, Rome, so much history so little time! Would return in a heartbeat! x Fab post :)


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