Nighttime Wanderers.

That Night Mum felt a little sick so Dad, Asher and me went to explore Trastevere, which is one of the top things to do in Rome! 

Its made up of a bunch of little alleyways, filled with shops and street vendors. We walked under this awesome canopy of ivy. I found it really cool to see at night with all of the shops open and all of the people everywhere. It felt alive and exciting. 

In the centre of the square, there were heaps of buskers performing. We even watched this guy do limbo under fire! (Sorry no pictures :(. ) 

We also walked past this statue of "Homeless Jesus". It was so life like that the first time I looked at it I thought it was a real person! 

Would definitely suggest going here, we ended up coming back many times again. (Did have some gelato and it wasn't that good, :( ) As Anne would say, "It provides much scope for the Imagination" (Although you should see Haydrens Villa - Shouldn't give away too much though). 

Posed by - Hannah 


  1. Brilliant post Hannah - ka pai! We sadly didn't get to see the Traveedoodah on our trip but it looks fab! Will deffo check it out if we're lucky enough to return x thanks for blogging sweets x you all look like you're having the time of your lives x enjoy!

  2. Hey there Hannah! It's me Parwin,
    I really liked the title that you added to the blog post because it is an interesting title and it made me draw my attention to it. The photos that you have added to it is very interesting and the bench with the statue on it looks cool! What is your favourite place that you have been to? What was your favorite thing to do there?
    You did a great blog post!

    Looking forward to your next posts,


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