The British Museum and Family

Despite the late night, we jumped out of bed ready for a full day. We were heading to the British Museum to catch up with some of my cousins and to check out some more old stuff. My sister Rachel said, "You HAVE to go to the British Museum, it's my favourite and the best." So we couldn't miss it. But the real excitement was for our evening adventure ... the Harry Potter Tour. (Which will be a separate blog because it deserves its own commentary.)

I digress - so the British Museum. It seemed huge from the outside but when we got in we discovered it was enormous. The atrium was breathtaking and you knew you were about to make some discoveries. Asher was super excited about seeing (he lists a few, and we all nod and smile because the rest of us are clearly imbeciles and know nothing). But first was lunch and getting to see and meet cousins. 

After lunch, which was fun we headed downstairs to find the Rosetta Stone. This is a very famous stone because it has a lot of languages on it and allowed scientists to read and learn about ancient cultures. Asher was so excited so here is a picture of Hannah standing by it.

There is so much to see in the museum but we decided to explore ancient times before the Greeks and Romans (we had seen a lot of that anyway). So Persia & Egypt it was ...

Really big old doors. See below for info. 800 BC ... what??

We did find a bit of Greece though. These are from the Parthenon in Greece (we would have loved to go but just couldn't fit it in). The Greek's would like them back but the British Museum hasn't given in yet. Awkward.

Asher and Elias talked a lot. About a lot of things. But this room was full of a frieze about some events/myths from Greek history.

I got very excited seeing these. We studied them in Classics (Thanks Mr Warbourton). Some seemed really familiar and I have vague recollections of learning about the methods that were used to create them. Asher will learn more when he studies Classics over the next two years. He'll probably remember it all when he's old like me too.

After farewelling Sarah and her girls (they had a train to catch) we headed up to the Egyptian area and found a few mummies, including Cleopatra. That was cool but also a little weird. There was a display in particular that Hannah and I moved past quickly. It was a man who had died (his bodies was on display) in early Egyptian time. You could see quite a bit of detail of his bones and body. I think the desert sand had mummified him a little. It felt wrong staring at a person who had passed away thousands of years ago. We wondered how he would have felt about it all.

We came across a display from home and that was nice. 

It was a great day. Here is a photo a kind staff member took of us all before the Sarah and the girls left. See if you can spot the cousins. :)


  1. Totes Coolio Team Spragg! Amazing place isn't it! The Atrium is gorgeous is a fab area for sure. I think that the mummies 'Pre-Mummyness', would feel pretty cool to know that they were still being honoured as was their ultimate wish but we'll never know...carry on enjoying the history and collecting memories together x travel safe guys and see you all soon x :)

  2. Kia Ora, I'm Amelia from Yaldhurst Model School. I liked all the photos you have used. You taught me that going on a big holiday is amazing. Next time, you could add more descriptive language/words. Why did you go to bed so late?


  3. Kia Ora Mrs Spragg.
    Wow that's awesome that you went to the museum with your family.
    The artifacts seem very old, Do you know how old the museum is, I would love to know :)
    I can't believe that you saw a old body from thousands of years ago, I got creeped out when I saw the
    photo of it so I could imagine what I would be in real life, Did your younger family get scared from
    the bones? What was your favorite part of the museum?
    I miss you guys:( Enjoy the rest of the trip!
    Kind Regards
    Chloe :) !!!!

  4. Hi Mrs Spragg,
    I am Glad that you had a awesome day at the British Museum i looked up and the British Museum. age is 265 that is super old i hope you will be back soon i think the scary part in the photos was the mummy. with tape on it or something on it i hope you will do something cool at england today what was your favorite part of the museum?. i hope that i did not saw that body in real life or i will be scared so i hope you will enjoy your rest of your trip.
    Kind Regards

  5. Hi Mrs Spragg,
    WOW! The museum looks HUGE! Ask Hannah if she is proud of me and show my comment to her. She probably forgot already but thats fine. There are some interesting artifacts like that famous rock. Of course I had no idea about the rock. Trust me to be the person who lives in a rock. Except that immortal jellyfish, no one knew anything about it except me. It's worth searching.

    What was your favourite part of the museum? Were you freaked out by the mummies? I mean the dead ones, not the ones who tell you to do chores everyday.
    From Mika :) P.s Hana is watching me writing this.

  6. Wow
    It looks you guys are having so much fun. I can't wait to see the Harry Potter tour post. what has been your favourite place so far? the museum looks massive, Definitely much bigger than our one in christchurch.
    what was your favourite part of the museum?

    Yours Sincerely,


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