Two words ... HARRY POTTER

Eeeeek! It was finally time. Hannah had her Hufflepuff scarf in her bag, we had the tickets and we were on the train. E x c i t e m e n t ! ! !

Warning: We took a lot of photos. I will try and limit them, noting that a number of my students have said it is boring to have lots of photos.

We did have to catch a bus to get to the tour, luckily they provide one for a small cost and it comes with a welcoming movie with a movie star from the movie explaining what will happen. 

We started our journey down a long corridor filled with quotes from the characters and being that we were in England, we promptly banged into Dan's cousin from Christchurch and his family. They had spent 6 hours there!!! Panic, would we have enough time being that it was a 6pm entry. Eeek!

And finally, we were there. And the Harry Potter memorabilia hit us in the faces ... look it's Hermione, look it's Luna, look it's Ron ... such joy.

Once in we watch a few clips and then it was on to explore. Here are the highlights in photos.

- The Great Hall - 

Hannah is standing with the Hufflepuff uniforms.

Note: It is a special celebration around the Goblet of Fire so this featured a few times.

Some other highlights. All those that are Harry Potter fans should be able to comment below with something that they see that made them happy. I know I should tell you all about the different things you will see but to be honest if you don't know what the things are then its time to stop living under a rock, read the books and watch the movies. Your time will not be wasted. xo

(All the wands of the characters)

The whole tour was amazing. We filled the 4 hours we had but we could have been there for many more hours, however, they do insist on closing at 10pm each night. The whole place is filled with props, costumes and scenery from all the movies. They explain the process used to create different parts of the movie or props. You can touch things and experience so many parts of it all. You can also try things like riding a broomstick or dressing up as a movie extra. Hannah and I had a go, such fun!

I don't think you even have to be a big Harry Potter fan to feel amazed at the level of detail and creativity put into the making of these movies. It was such a great evening and a definite highlight for all of us.


  1. OK. I am officially jealous. I have always been vetoed by 'she who must be obeyed' when I have wanted to visit. I did sneak into a dining hall in Oxford that had been used to shoot some interiors but it does not hold a candle to this. Brillant.

  2. Exploriarmus Worldicus! WOW just WOW team! Thought I'd missed this post, so glad I trawled and found. I recall Ann-Marie saying it was outstanding and your Blog does your visit justice - ka pai Spraggs :) Knowing the sheer scale and detail of each movie, they have paid such a cool homage to HP World :) R Dan travelled to Scotland with his Grams and traversed the Glenfinnan Viaduct used for the flying car scene. We've visited Alnwick Castle and Malham Cove 'Up North' tiny pieces of the set really but so cool to know 'stuff' was shot there! Brilliant Blog guys - your enthusiasm shines through x Really would love to do this if we ever get the opp :) x


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