A birthday and a 'Kid's Club'

This kid. Turned 15 on the 9th. We started the day by having a delicious breakfast and the boy opened some presents. 

He was pretty happy with his Reece's ... lol! (Youth Group joke that has filtered into family life)

We headed to our first service at St David's Uniting, where we were welcomed with open hearts. They are so lovely and kind. 

After the service, we headed to an Indian restaurant, Asher's choice. The food was delicious! We were quite full and didn't need to eat much for the rest of the day. 

But a kind church member had heard that it was Asher's birthday and they had made Asher a cake. 

He enjoyed blowing out the candle, did it Asher style.

The next day was school and Kid's Club. Kid's Club is what it sounds. Children come for an hour and a half to the church house and participate in games, songs and activities that are based around themes and Bible stories. It was the first one for the new school year so we headed along to help and meet some local children. We got to make spoons that looked like us. The three children in our family enjoyed it immensely.

We now go each Monday to help. It is pretty cool and the children are really great. We have a good time. 

The rest of the 'school week' was pretty ordinary. But the kids and I did go for a walk along the Pontypridd Circular Trail that runs near our house. We found a swing. It was good times


  1. Ra whānau ki a koe Ash-Boy! What a set of spoons you all are! lol x so glad you've been welcomed into the community so well x baking cakes and a cup of tea are always on the menu in Blighty! A cake for every occasion! The area looks really lovely and the walk in the woods will really bring home Tolkien, Enid Blyton books and HP scenes where so much of their inspiration was drawn from! Get writing that novel!!! Hugs from NZ x

    1. We are all spoons! Asher says thanks!!! Cake is always very welcoming. We are discovering many places that remind us of lots of places that we have watched and read about. Hannah is working hard to write a novel. Love from Wales xo


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