Dunraven Bay (or Southerndown for all the Welshies)

The sun was out and the weather was stunning, so the need for a beach grew strong. After some googling, Dan found Dunraven Bay, only a short drive away. So we loaded into the car, some with a bit of a grumpy face, and headed to the water. 

I think the picture says it all.

Grumpy face quickly realised she was in her happy face and quicker than a Crusader taking a goal, she had her shoes off and was in the water. 

We found some locals and had a few chats. They didn't seem that keen on coming out of there shells for us though.

We wandered our way towards one point (later discovered it was called Witches Point) and looked around the rock pools in the hopes we'd find something interesting. No luck though.

It didn't matter though, because we found the most incredible rock formations. We needed a geologist with us to explain all the layers. 

This part had water flowing down the cliff.

Oops - managed to get my finger in this one. It's called "We all match but no one told Mum".

From the Bay, you could see a few castle ruins so we thought we'd explore them. This was the gatehouse. It had people living in it. 

Turns out it wasn't actually a castle as such, but a walled garden. It was still looked after, we assume by the gatehouse family. All the lawns were freshly mowed and Dan and Asher discussed whether they used a push mower or a ride on. I hope it was a ride on, 'cause it would take ages otherwise.

We wandered up the top of the cliff where Asher attempted to either a) scare his mother or b) take some photos. I think it was really c) all of the above. Dan was reassuring and just laughed. The view was incredible though.

That's a bit safer.

We headed back to look at the turret bit of the wall. The view was still pretty good. 

Another discovery of somewhere amazing in Wales. We were all so glad we had taken the afternoon to explore.


  1. Hi Mrs Spragg , Its Gracie . I still miss you . Whats your favourite part about traveling so far. Hope your having fun because looks fun, Kind regards

  2. Wonderful Wales x Wonderful Fam x Such gorgeous pictures and emotions team - ka pai! :)


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