Wales - our first few week.

 Ahhh the serenity. This is the view from our house.

 A friendly congregation member dropped off a welcome to Wales present. He and his daughter made it for us. It's a proper cake. We have discovered that this kind of cake is very normal for here in Wales. Thanks, Michael and Rhiannon.

Dan and Asher went on a road trip to pick up a car so Hannah and I went on a walking trip to discover Ponty town. We found a river, the River Taff to be exact and it runs past a park that has a pool and a playground and some monuments.

Dan preached at his first service at the smaller church up the road called Castle Square. He had to take communion which he did with style and grace. It is probably a little sacrilegious to take a photo in church but I did it anyway. 

Our first day of 'school'. The children get up each morning and work from 9am to 12pm on their school work. Asher has much to do; including a speech, history essay and health assignment. Hannah has to catch up on her maths, reading, writing ... Thank goodness for online learning. 

Games are also important. This one is a pirate game. Such fun - though I think Hannah has won every time we've played. Might be time for a rematch. 

We headed up the road behind our house to see what was at the top of the hill. We discovered a paradise of beautiful vistas, greenery and blackberries. Suddenly the PM story of Blackberries made sense (Teachers will understand).

We also found some weird as slug things. They are quite big!

A few days into our first week we headed into Cardiff as someone was having a birthday in a few days and we thought we should attempt to buy him a present. No presents were brought, however, we did find a castle. 

And a church.

And a pub.

And finally, we worked out how we could get home. Joking! We do have return tickets, I promise (the immigration officer checked).


  1. Such a beautiful looking place ;)
    Haha I see what you mean about the Blackberries PM

    1. Sure is Alisha! Hehe those are my favourite PMs. :)

  2. Ahhhh! British Vistas. Ahhhh! Victoria Sponge Cake (if I'm not mistaken). Ahhh! Central heating. Ahhhh! Castles and old churches. Ahhhh! Yip - just common garden slugs (awesome aren't they!) Ahhhhh! Hedgerow Blackberries picked straight from the brambles (get yourself a proper pie made - apple and blackberry OR apple and blackberry crumble!) Did you find baby bear hiding in there??? lol x Ka pai Dan, great job :) Everyone's looking great guys - hugs and aroha from Aotearoa :)

  3. Looks wonderful! Did you go into the pub and have a brew? Pubs over there are really cool...go have a Sunday roast in one. :0) Hugs X

    1. We are loving the Pubs and the roasts. And Dan is loving the beer (and the price lol). xo


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