Football and other things ...

Dan and I went for a walk. We found some horses. They were way closer than the photo shows. The view was good. The wind was strong. It is a little disconcerting walking down a narrow lane (not shown) when the wind is blowing and you keep thinking you hear a car. It is important to hear cars because they come up fast and there is not really much room for one car, let alone one car and people. #welshroads #ukroads #postmanpatroadsarereal

We also went to meet Dan's extended family on his Dad's side. He has a Great Uncle & Auntie living in Newport plus a bunch of his Dad's cousins/cousins children/cousins children's children. It was great to meet them all. Stupidly I only took this picture. The 'kids' were all hanging out together in the playroom. I'm not sure what Hannah is doing lol.

Hannah has been practising her soup eating skills at the Chewsday lunch, a lunch a group from Castle Square put on every Tuesday. People come along and buy a very cheap but delish lunch. We have attended a few and enjoyed ourselves. Hannah had Brocolli and Stilton soup, a Welsh favourite, 

Carrot and Coriander for me. Yum!

Kids Club! My favourite time of the week.

Hannah has attended Girl Guides on Wednesday evenings. Dan, Asher and I went and walked over the ponty bridge one night. It is a really old bridge, and the first big one built in the UK, though it fell down a few times before they got the design right. 

The River Taff from Ponty bridge.


As many of you may be aware, Football and Rugby are pretty big in the UK. We were gifted tickets to go and see a Welsh vs Spain football game. We were pretty excited and headed into Cardiff early to get a park and wander around Cardiff. We had dinner at a cool pub near the Principality Stadium (sometimes known as Millenium Stadium).

The tickets and website had advised us to arrive early to avoid lines and congestion. We took their advice and arrived so early that there were only a few people. Being true tourists we purchased a number of Welsh memorabilia to blend in with the crowds. 

Being early did give us the opportunity to take a few photos though.

It did fill up though. 

It was a great night out and even though Wales lost we still had fun. The second half had a lot more action, but if you were Spanish you would have been happy. It was just a friendly game, to give them both a bit of a practice. Sadly the great Gareth Bale only game onto the field to receive his golden boot. Bit of a muscle injury.  

Dan and I decided that Rugby is a bit more exciting and it might be time to attend a large rugby game with the kids next year. It was 'such fun' though. I can imagine a game where Wales is winning would be just incredible. Maybe next time eh?!


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