It was majestical ...

Sadly we had to leave to get Dan back to do some work. So inconvenient ... but necessary. I guess him working is why we came in the first place. So after a quick dash into town in hopes of seeing some Downton Abby actors (nope) we headed back towards Wales, but over a different bridge. This was because we wanted to see Tintern Abbey on the way home.

That's the bridge we came over on!

We didn't have to go far to get to Tintern Abbey. It is near the Forest of Dean! But sadly isn't in it, disappointing for a few Harry Potter fans. Nonetheless, Tintern is in a very beautiful spot nestled between three rather large hills, it is a quiet oasis, with the ruins of the Abbey as the centre.

It was a very large and active Abbey back in the early 1st Century, with a good amount of monks and laymen active in living, working and serving in the monastery. Once again the power of Kind Henry meant that the Abbey didn't survive the fall of the Catholic Church in England. But that's ok because the ruins have a special kind of beauty about them.

The stained glass windows would have been magnificent we imagined.

We lost Asher pretty quickly after this. He went off to take his own photos, and I imagine they are far better than these ones. However, these aren't terrible. 

There was something pretty serine and majestical about the whole place. There was a presence of peace felt there. And even in the cafe, we went too you felt peaceful. Plus the food was pretty good and there were lots of dogs resting with their owners. So doggie friendly! A lady was celebrating her 99th birthday, we joined in the singing when the cake was brought out. 

Side note: The whole town was fair trade. How cool is that?!

We would recommend this place! A must see if you go to Wales.


  1. If we ever visit we will pop in! DO you wander around going 'Imagine all the people who have walked where we are walking...'? Imagine your photo albums that you are creating together! Peaceful places are so memorable - no expectations just enjoy :) Really love how you are getting good selfies to share on your posts - ka pai! x

  2. How amazing to walk amongst such history. This is a reminder of both the beauty that humanity can create and how it can turn ugly when a good chat over a cup of tea could have proven beneficial.


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