Another week of adventure in the ordinary ...

Kids Club

It is the highlight of my 'working week'. We have such fun with the children, playing games and getting to know them. They are always happy to be there and the team that makes it all happen are such kind and generous souls. 

This week we did the story of Zachius, always a favourite of mine, and I had the pleasure of telling the story. It was very loud because the children had to help me. :) The activity was making a tree out of lollies and chocolate - such a cool idea and of course the children loved. it. 

Don't they look cool! Most got eaten really quickly. Dan did a wonderful job of taking the 'prayer' time. He is so great at making things understandable for children. And they really like him. 

The rest of our week is school and the odd other things. Dan and I have attended a few Ladies Guilds and lunch things. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. Dan has shared his story a few times, and I've learnt a few things about him. The ladies enjoyed hearing all about him and his history.

Asher has had to do some Algebra and Hannah has been working hard on her reading, writing and math work. I think I'm good at 'supervising'. 

The view from our house is lovely, and different every day. I've taken a few photos from our bedroom window. 

We don't want to spend all our time working so this week we headed for St Fagans National Museum of History and Cardiff Bay. St Fagans had been raved about by many people, including the Geldards (our NZ friends) so we were looking forward to exploring it. From what we gathered it was like Ferrymead., with lots of older buildings etc but we looked forward to finding out. Plus it has free entry (though you have to pay for parking, but that is the norm here in the Northern Hemisphere.

We quickly found some old buildings. This was an old farmhouse. All the old buildings that exist here have been found from different parts of Wales and the UK and brought to St Fagan's in order to preserve the history. Many show the history of different era's and explain what living would have been like. 

We had a snack at the bakery. Everything is made fresh in the bakery there. Dan and I had some Bara Brith, a Welsh loaf and Asher and Hannah had some scones. Yum, yum. 

Further, in the 'town', there was a number of shops. This was a pre-grocery story, grocery store. 

The boys found a 'urinal' - these used to exist all over the place apparently. Can't imagine I would like to walk past these on the streets. 

We did find an old church, that is still used at times. It was painted and very stunning. 

A nice couple offered to take a photo of us outside it. We continued to wander and found some other interesting things. Our favourite was a lane of houses, all exactly the same, but showed what it was like at 25 year intervals. 

Mr Robertson's name is everywhere! We can't work out why.

Being Wales, there was a castle. Though it really was just a big house. We couldn't get upstairs though as the staircase has been condemned. They are getting it fixed but it will take a while. It had a really pretty garden. 

We then jumped in the car and headed to Cardiff Bay. It was a beautiful day, so a great time to explore the area. The Bay used to be open to the sea, causing the rivers to be tidal rivers, but they built a wall (that can be opened) and so now the Bay is full of life and so are the rivers. 

For all the Torchwood lovers out there.

It was another discovery of wonderful Welsh places. 


  1. Discovery time for you all apparently!How nice that you have literally had to travel 12,000 miles to find time to find out more about each other, gorgeous x Love the pride coming through Shazz x you think A was loitering there too? Maybe you could join after school club here when you get back? :) Continue sharing your amazing journey with us because we love it :)


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