Seeing family is always nice.

It was our last full day in England before we headed to Wales so we had arranged to catch up with m cousin Ruth, her family and my Aunty and Uncle. We headed on a train out of London for an area called Milton Keynes. It's kinda like Rolleston but English.

We had a lovely trip seeing some countryside and arrived at 10 something to be greeted by Phil. After a short trip, we were there and after many hugs sat down to catch up over a cuppa.

After lunch, we headed to a favourite spot of the families that has a lake. It is man-made and like Halswell Lake has many birds, including some terrifying geese and swans.

We went for a good walk with Storm dog and tried some geocaching, but didn't have much luck. But we did manage to get some nice photos of the 'cousins' together. Storm Dog even smiled for her picture.

So it was back to the birds for a feeding (it was bird food, not bread for those that worried). Hannah had a great time with her 2nd cousins and they were all quite smitten with each other.

It was really very lovely and we so enjoyed seeing some of their places of fun.

Speaking of smitten, look who like Hannah's knee. Don't tell Ruby!

We finished the day by being taken out for dinner. It was pretty yum and we had a great time. The adults sat at the adult table and the children at the kid's table. The youngest, of course, ruling the roost at that table. It was pretty funny. They are very cool kids and it was great spending some time with them.

Sadly the day was over and we had to head back to London by train. It is a bit of a shame that family is spread all around the world but we felt blessed to have had a day with them all. Thanks for having us!!!


  1. That is so cool you are seeing so many family members...some whether you planned to or not! I remember Milton Keynes as the place where the buses stopped when I used to get a 5 quid bus ride to Manchester. I love that you tried some geocachng - it is such a fun activity...were they just too small and hidden that day?!

  2. Nice one team x more great memories right there! How lovely to see your whānau guys - also makes a nice change from 'Old Stuff'! lol MK is even younger than NZ ;) ... x enjoy Wales and more fabulous times ahead :)


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