Eeek ... Wales here we come.

Today was the day we 'moved' to Wales. Packing all our possessions into our suitcases (and being overjoyed we didn't need to stress about limits) we headed for the final trip into London City for a couple of months. Bus, tube and finally the train station. We were now thankful to understand the way the tube words and for the knowledge that yes, most have a lift. Whew, 'cause it wasn't fun lugging heavy bags up and down stairs. 

I did snap a few photos on the tube. You can tell by their faces how they felt about that.

Finally, we arrived at the station. Can you guess what station? Hannah is giving you a clue.

This was our train. My brother-n-law Michael can tell you what it is. To me, it looked fast and comfortable. And it was. 

Dan found something that reminded him of 'home'.

After a couple of hours in the train, listening to some particularly whinny kids (not ours) we were in Cardiff. We knew we'd made it to Wales because the signs were in two languages.

This was our not so fast looking train to take us from Cardiff to Pontypridd, our new home.

It was very green, with lots of trees and bush. We have since learnt that this is called 'the woods'. 

And we were there! Croeso Pontypridd. Welcome to Pontypridd. Or Ponty as it is usually called. We were greeted by two members of the church Linda and Marcia. They were so welcoming and zoomed us up the very big hill we are living on. 

The manse wasn't the one we had found on google. Seems google can't read numbers. We had been left a lovely basket of Welsh goodies, which we are still consuming. 

They kindly took us to the local supermarket, Sainsbury's, where we gazed in wonder at the prices and the things you could by. Side note: This one is like Countdown, meets the Warehouse, meets Robert Harris. But we purchased things for living on and cooked ourselves our first meal in Wales - nachos. 

It was glorious to be 'home'.


  1. Dare i say that the Ponty folk need to upgrade their profile on YouTube. Having said that;what I could find looks lovely.

  2. 'Darnn yeur innit!' aka Down here isn't it! Our Bro is a Cardiff lad but is working away until November!
    PHEW! What a journey - now enjoy some chillax time Spraggs :) Ahhh - Sainsburys! NOT as expensive as M&S though! Sure there'll be Morrisons around too or Asda (man enjoy the cheap prices and choice!!!) Well done to you all - your planning and execution of your OE has been awesome, not everyone could have done it - ka pai! x Ok, safe travels and of course, ENJOY! x


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